Legal Marketing

Internet Law Firm Marketing

Net Visibilities has created multiple legal resource and legal websites to help provide new publishing opportunities, new clients and visibility to attorneys looking to position their law firm as a leader.  In business since 2000 as an Internet marketing company providing seo marketing services to lawyers, we first created, which has been online since 2000 and includes hundreds of pages of content dealing with a large variety of legal topics and an attorney directory to help consumers find local lawyers.

In addition to Legal Law Help, Net Visibilities is developing and owns several other websites that support our legal marketing efforts, including All About Lawsuits, Legal Consumer Guide and  The Legal Guide Network is a network of 12+ legal websites we own and are developing.

Search Engine Marketing for Lawyers

Law marketing has been evolving rapidly along with the growth of the Internet and related technologies over the last two decades.  Marketing for law firms and personal injury lawyer marketing involve developing a law firm marketing plan, a strategy or strategies, and flexibility.  Competition is stiff and a law firm marketing consultant is a good choice.  Traditional methods of marketing aren’t producing like they used to and the on-demand nature of the Internet provides quality case generation at the time of need on the end-user’s terms.  And the best place to be to generate the most of the high quality cases is on the first few pages of the search engines.   Seo and search engine optimization for the lawyer or attorney practicing today is a necessity.

Attorney Internet marketing is the most efficient and cost-effective way of law firm marketing available today.  Specifically, lawyer search engine marketing is the number one avenue of successful lawyer web marketing.  Whether paying per click (ppc) or embarking on a longer term competitive organic search engine optimization campaign, being on the first few pages of the search results is the ultimate goal.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Attorneys

The most competitive sector of law with regards to marketing is the personal injury sector.  Injury lawyer marketing online is already ultra competitive and many firms employ their own in-house search engine marketing and search engine optimization teams.  Still many more work with several search engine marketing companies like Net Visibilities, including a nationwide asbestos law firm.  A substantial effort is required now to even show up in the organic search results on the search engines on the top 3 pages of results for any personal injury topic.  Injury law firm marketing in most cases requires an outside consulting firm to have a chance at success.